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Mainstream political fluff: report on Monday’s meeting

Laura Harvey has written a report for on our Monday meeting. Click the link below to read it!


The flow of arms: threats to Iran are not idle

A typically jingoist tract in the Washington Post today reveals the continuation of Bush-era policies to support an arms race in the gulf. “The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are leading a regionwide military buildup that has resulted in more than $25 billion in U.S. arms purchases in the past two years alone” it says. In Saudi Arabia a large emphasis has been to “to harden defenses for oil facilities, ports and water desalination plants” whilst the UAE government purchases include 80 F16 jets, although both are explicitly avoiding nuclear weapons programs since it “would probably prompt a suspension of Western aid,” thus remaining the preserve of Israel for the time being. The main objective of the US military industrial complex here is, of course, to threaten Iran. This information comes at a time when Saudi forces have called a ceasefire on it’s aggressive policies in the southern border

With Tony Blair shamelessly using his air time on the Chilcot parade not to apologise to his victims, but to attack Iran, and with US and British politicians equally belligerent in their attitude, the antiwar movement must continue to speak out against a military or economic offensive on Iran, which would punish the people there for their government’s non-compliance with US demands.